Characteristics . Microcomputer digital display, PID temperature control, temperature rise and temperature recovery speed, truly lead-free soldering . It adopts ceramic high temperature heating core and has long service life . It can be used with a variety of long-life universal soldering iron tips for easy use. . It adopts digital temperature calibration for easy operation . The welding handle is light and comfortable to use. . The appearance is novel and the structure is firm. Specification
model QUICK 236
power 90W
Voltage AC 220V
temperature range 80 ° C ~ 480 ° C
Temperature stability ±2 ° C (still air without load)
Tip to ground resistance <2Ω
Tip to ground potential <2 mV
Dimensions 60(L) X 105(W) X 125(H)mm
weight About 2.3 kg
Handle model 907D
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